Digitalising Retrofit

The Future Of Home Ownership is Here.

You Use Your Smartphone to
Schedule appointments Book Tickets Monitor Health & Fitness Count Calories Meet Friends

Many of us use apps on our smartphones to check and schedule appointments, book tickets, monitor our health and fitness, count calories and meet friends.

Isn’t it about time that you started to monitor your most important asset in the same way?

DATA-DOOR is the future of home ownership.

DATA-DOOR will provide you with all the property information you need when maintaining or transforming the energy efficiency of your home, in a ground-breaking digitalised format that can be intuitively used by both homeowners and trade professionals.

Using the power of data to improve how you live in your home .

There is good advice available in the market. Trying to tie that good advice to your specific property is not easy. 

DATA-DOOR will do that for you, leaving you to make the final, informed, decisions. We’re focussed on empowering you with unrivalled information and data on your home. 

Our platform will enable you to learn about your home,  and provides you with a digital certificate that contains vital information on your home’s construction, maintenance, and management. 

The DATA-DOOR Transformation

Transform the way you live in your home through four core phases:

Know your home

Collate and digitalise details about how your property is built and serviced.

Certify your home

Each piece of certified property information will be digitally linked to your property for life.

Manage your home

Receive property specific information on how you can manage, maintain and upgrade your home.

Improve your home

Plan a route to making your property a more energy efficient and comfortable place to live.

Digitalising home ownership will improve the ecosystem of homes, the environment and the wider economy.

At the core of DATA-DOOR’s ethos and integrity are our key environmental, social and economic principles, which are in line with the UK GBC as well as the UK Government agenda for sustainability and Net Zero.

DATA-DOOR prides itself in having short and long term goals that will help to make homes more healthy and energy efficient. Reducing energy usage and the reliance on natural resources will lead to reduced carbon emissions from homes, enabling benefits to the environment, society and the economy.

Through sustainable business practices, our technology will follow green and cleantech principles.

Promoting Sustainability

DATA-DOOR will promote sustainability with customers, partners and supply chains.

Aligning with other sustainable organisations, such as UK GBC as well as those in green finance, retrofit and green energy, will take forward the sustainability agenda.

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DATA-DOOR will link both homeowners and their trades and professionals to a platform of secure and certified home data, digitalising all actions and records.